This weekends’ “Run What U Brung” Bike Grudge Race has expanded to daylight hours for Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $35 for crew coming in on Friday or Saturday, and good for the whole weekend. Sunday only admission is $20.

If crew with weekend passes leaves before 10pm on Saturday, they will get a $15 refund. Tech card is $80 and is good for weekend, or any one day. A $40 tech card is offered for Sunday only with time shown on the scoreboards. The $80 tech card is “no time” shown.

Track will be open Friday til 10pm, Saturday gates open at 10am, runs begin at 11am; , Sunday gates open at 9am, grudge runs start at 11am and will run til dark. Great daylight weather is forecast for Saturday and Sunday.

The Rock is bringing light to After Dark Grudge runs, with two big days of serious bike racing.
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ROCKINGHAM – There was an air of familiarity last weekend at Rockingham Dragway where three of the winners from last year’s inaugural Southeastern Jr. Dragster Spring Nationals found their way back to the podium during this year’s renewal.

Fayetteville’s Noah Johnson, Dunn’s Dawson Wiggins and Alec Dukes of Orangeburg, S.C., all were repeat winners although Johnson and Dukes swapped roles this time around.

Last year, it was Dukes who doubled-up. This year it was Johnson who did so, sweeping the Half Scale Dragsters 7.90 Index class and Jr. Dragster 1 on Saturday. Dukes rallied to win Sunday’s 7.90 title while Wiggins prevailed in Jr. Dragster 1.

Other winners included Kaden Harrill of Madisonville, Tenn., Logan Westmoreland of Greenwood, S.C., and Samantha Hollingsworth, also of Greenwood.

But for a heartbreaking .001 of a second foul start, Westmoreland might have swept the Jr. Dragster 2 races. Instead, he split with Harrill. Hollingsworth prevailed in the 330 class contested only on Saturday and sponsored by Roy Hill’s Jr. Drag Racing School and Fireade.

Although she didn’t win on either day, Kaylee Miller of Lancaster, S.C., came so close two times Saturday. First, she lost the Jr. 1 final to Johnson when she ran under her target number by .004 of a second. Then, she lost to Johnson a second time in the 7.90 semifinals where she came up .006 of a second short at the finish line.

The two-day event attracted Junior racers from seven different states including Samuel Peterson who got the long distance award after traveling from Richland, Mich., to compete.

Results from the second annual Fireade Jr. Dragster Spring Nationals at Rockingham Dragway:


Halfscale Dragsters 7.90 INDEX

Round 4 – Landon Palmer, Scottsville, Va., .033, 7.908, 82.64 mph, def. Ronnie Webb, Front Royal, Va., .040, 7.908, 81.65 mph; Dawson Wiggins, Dunn, .036, 7.884, 82.84 mph, def. Alec Dukes, Orangeburg, S.C., .055, 7.874 breakout, 83.00 mph; Hunter Feltner, Hazard, Ky., .046, 7.968, 81.41 mph, def. Kallie Potter, Linwood, foul; Noah Johnson, Fayetteville, .029, 7.937, 79.95 mph, def. Nick Reavis, Youngsville, .048, 7.937, 81.50 mph; Matthew Miller, Hazard, Ky., bye.

Round 5 – Feltner, .045, 7.897, 81.17 mph, def. Palmer, .071, 7.890 breakout, 82.97 mph; Miller, .038, 7.927, 80.00 mph, def. Wiggins, .057, 7.951, 82.85 mph; Johnson, bye.

Semifinals – Johnson, .031, 7.916, 80.03 mph, def. Miller, .034, 7.919, 81.30 mph; Feltner, bye.

FINAL – Noah Johnson, Fayetteville, .034, 7.926, 80.62 mph, def. Hunter Feltner, Hazard, Ky., .042, 7.931, 81.40 mph.


Round 5 – Jacob Baker, Yorktown, Va., .024, 7.934 on a 7.910, 79.85 mph, def. Chase Wagner, Willow Springs, .072, 7.906 on a 7.900, 82.69 mph; Kaylee Miller #1, Lancaster, S.C., .041, 7.925 on a 7.900, 84.19 mph, def. Hannah Stewart, Hamlet, foul; Noah Johnson, Fayetteville, .110, 7.897 on a 7.900, 82.18 mph, def. Blake Denton, Lillington, foul; Alex Dukes, Orangeburg, S.C., .056, 7.910 on a 7.900, 80.97 mph, def. Robby Pettinato, Fountain Inn, S.C., .022, 7.919 breakout on a 7.930, 80.97 mph; Kaylee Miller #2, Lancaster, S.C., bye.

Round 6 – Baker, .095, 7.883 on a 7.910, 81.67 mph, def. Miller #1, .042, 7.916 on a 7.920, 84.30 mph; Miller #2, bye; Johnson, .015, 7.918 on a 7.900, 79.46 mph, def. Dukes, .064, 7.901 on a 7.900, 81.34 mph.

Semifinals – Miller #2, .115, 7.935 on a 7.900, 84.00 mph, def. Baker, foul; Johnson, bye.

FINAL – Noah Johnson, Fayetteville, .028, 8.017 on a 7.900, 78.19 mph, def. Kaylee Miller, Lancaster, S.C., .188, 7.926 breakout on a 7.930, 84.32 mph.


Round 3 – Seth Goddard, Valley Lee, Md., .054, 8.898 on an 8.900, 74.48 mph, def. Tucker Brown, Blountville, Tenn., .199, 8.936 breakout on an 8.950, 73.24 mph; Logan Westmoreland, Greenwood, S.C., .042, 11.642 on an 11.590, 53.75 mph, def. Bryace Pittman, Selman, .323, 10.511 breakout on a 10.770, 58.63 mph; Seth Brooks, Surgoinsville, Tenn., .301, 8.917 on an 8.900, 72.26 mph, def. Hayden Dial, Lumberton, foul; Kaden Harrill, Madisonville, Tenn., .202, 9.171 on a 9.140, 68.93 mph, def. Kaylee Love, Youngsville, foul; Riley Hoover, Kinston, .108, 12.015 on an 11.890, 52.24 mph, def. Mackenzie Byrd, Walker, Va., .187, 9.008 on an 8.910, 73.19 mph; Saylar Bustle, Sherrills Ford, bye.

Round 4 – Harrill, .003, 9.202 on a 9.150, 68.70 mph, def. Goddard, foul; Westmoreland, .088, 11.693 on an 11.630, 53.38 mph, def. Brooks, .306, 8.920 on an 8.910, 72.00mph; Hoover, .023, 12.071 on an 11.960, 51.88 mph, def. Bustle, .173, 12.041 on a 9.900, 36.62 mph.

Semifinals – Westmoreland, .087, 11.723 on an 11.680, 51.60 mph, def. Hoover, .161, 12.009 on an 11.980, 52.78 mph; Harrill, bye.

FINAL – Kaden Harrill, Madisonville, Tenn., .058, 9.159 on a 9.130, 68.84 mph, def. Logan Westmoreland, Greenwood, S.C., foul (by. .001).

STAR TRACK 330 (presented by Roy Hills Jr. Drag Racing School and Fireade)

Round 2 – Samantha Hollingsworth, Greenwood, S.C., .057, 4.410, def. Harrison Cox, Conway, S.C., .063, 4.407; Jorden Baker, Sumter, S.C., .089, 4.369, def. Logan Brown, Bishopville, S.C., .227, 4.887; Paul Charette, Evens, Ga., .015, 4.422, def. Maria Kay Bowie, Statesville, no time.

Semifinals – Hollingsworth, .071, 4.321, def. Baker, .230, 4.362; Charette, bye.

FINAL – Samantha Hollingsworth, Greenwood, S.C., .039, 4.303, def. Paul Charette, Evens, Ga., .019, 4.324.


7.90 INDEX

Round 3 – Nick Reavis, Youngsville, .019, 7.955, 82.10 mph, def. Blake Hickman, Lauringburg, .032, 7.897 breakout, 81.39 mph; Daniel Bruce, Covington, Ga., .024, 7.905, 78.72 mph, def. Noah Cornatzer, Mocksville, .064, 7.867 breakout, 82.38 mph; Jorden Baker, Sumter, S.C., .018, 7.904, 82.07 mph, def. Zach Pennington, Lexington, S.C., .045, 7.919, 80.63 mph; Matthew Miller, Hazard, Ky., .045, 7.883, 81.48 mph, def. Darlene Lundy, Lugoff, S.C., .030, 7.866 breakout, 81.09 mph; Tucker Creech, Clayton, .051, 7.936, 80.33 mph, def. Haley Lotts, Waynesboro, Va., .076, 7.915, 82.03 mph; Cameron Gibson, Chaptico, Md., .186, 7.916, 83.00 mph, def. Morgan Carroll, Olar, S.C., .155, 7.893 breaker, 80.80 mph; Samuel Peterson, Richland, Mich., .046, 7.900, 82.61 mph, def. Kaitlyn Miller, Hazard, Ky., .020, 7.929, 78.16 mph; Alec Dukes, Orangeburg, S.C., bye.

Round 4 – Dukes, .016, 7.923, 80.80 mph, def. Miller, .089, 7.894 breakout, 82.07 mph; Reavis, .020, 7.910, 80.78 mph, def. Creech, .047, 7.907, 82.21 mph; Baker, .044, 7.927, 82.10 mph, def. Gibson, .158, 7.860 breakout, 83.92 mph; Bruce, .035, 7.915, 79.54 mph, def. Peterson, .051, 7.867 breakout, 82.75 mph.

Semifinals – Bruce, .023, 8.023, 73.50 mph, def. Reavis, no time; Dukes, .019, 7.922, 82.60 mph, def. Baker, .047, 7.916. 83.00 mph.

FINAL – Alec Dukes, Orangeburg, S.C., .038, 7.898, 82.54 mph, def. Daniel Bruce, Covington, Ga., .023, 7.892 breakout, 79.35 mph.


Round 5 – Blake Denton, Lillington, .085, 7.875 on a 7.900, 83.67 mph, def. Carson Brown, Blountville, Tenn., foul; Chase Wagner, Willow Springs, .012, 7.961 on a 7.910, 79.56 mph, def. Samantha Hollingsworth, Greenwood, S.C., .112, 7.910 on a 7.900, 83.44 mph; Dawson Wiggins, Dunn, .094, 7.924 on a 7.900, 82.35 mph, def. Hunter Feltner, Hazard, Ky., .125, 7.854 breakout on a 7.900, 82.95 mph; Tucker Creech, Clayton, .031, 7.937 on a 7.900, 78.57 mph, def. Kaylee Miller, Lancaster, S.C., .145, 7.891 breakout on a 7.910, 84.97 mph; Gray Kimble, Concord, bye.

Round 6 – Wiggins, .058, 7.815 on a 7.900, 83.37 mph, def. Denton, .018, 7.801 breakout on a 7.900, 83.52 mph; Kimble, .001, 7.893 on a 7.900, 81.50 mph, def. Creech, .031, 7.885 breakout on a 7.900, 80.54 mph; Wagner, bye.

Semifinals – Kimble, .074, 7.884 on a 7.900, 81.75 mph, def. Wagner, foul; Wiggins, bye.

FINAL – Dawson Wiggins, Dunn, .015, 7.928 on a 7.900, 80.26 mph, def. Gray Kimble, Concord, .042, 7.959 on a 7.900, 81.35 mph.


Round 3 – Miranda Pankey, Albemarle, .164, 8.968 on an 8.890, 72.74 mph, def. Mackenzie Byrd, Walker, Va., .209, 8.965 breakout on an 8.980, 73.66 mph; Hayden Dial, Lumberton, .075, 8.969 on an 8.930, 72.13 mph, def. Hunter Jackson, Effington, S.C., foul; Logan Westmoreland, Greenwood, S.C., .085, 11.606 on an 11.580, 54.26 mph, def. Bryace Pittman, Selman, foul; Kaden Harrill, Madsonville, Tenn., .071, 9.163 on a 9.130, 68.93 mph, def. Tucker Brown, Blountville, Tenn., .161, 9.418 on an 8.900, 71.70 mph; Kaylee Love, Youngsville, bye.

Round 4 – Love, .021, 9.066 on a 9.020, 72.51 mph, def. Harrill, .081, 9.133 breakout on a 9.140, 69.79 mph; Westmoreland, .058, 11.658 on an 11.590, 54.44 mph, def. Pankey, .146, 8.951 on an 8.900, 73.67 mph; Dial, bye.

Semifinals – Love, .060, 9.067 on a 9.020, 72.46 mph, def. Dial, .229, 8.963 on an 8.940, 73.30 mph; Westmoreland, bye.

FINAL – Logan Westmoreland, Greenwood, S.C., .036, 11.664 on an 11.600, 54.22 mph, def. Kaylee Love, Youngsville, foul.
Girls Sweep Jr. Dragster Titles in Racing at Rockingham Dragway
ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – Jacksonville’s Preston Morton and Greg Potts of Roan Mountain, Tenn., were the Top Eliminator winners at Rockingham Dragway in the first race in the 2015 Hoosier Tires Carolina Coalition Bracket Series.

Potts claimed the first $5,000 share of the purse by turning back Randall Blinson on Saturday. Morton matched him on Sunday by stopping Chad Duke of Wilmington in the final round.

In addition to Carolina Coalition points, drivers also earned points toward Rockingham track championships in Top Eliminator, Footbrake and Jr. Dragster. The Carolina Coalition next moves to Farmington Dragway on April 18-19, then to Piedmont Dragway on June 20-21 and, finally, to Galot Motorsports Park (formerly Dunn-Benson) for the finale on Aug. 29-30.  View More & Photo Gallery
Rockingham Dragway owner Steve Earwood has announced that Roush Yates Performance Products, one of the biggest names in Ford high performance, has signed on as title sponsor of the track’s iconic two Civil War Series.

On May 1-3 the 20th annual Roush Yates Performance Products Spring Civil Wars and Fun Ford Weekend will take over Rockingham Dragway and the Fall Roush Yates Performance Products Civil Wars will return on October 30-November 1.

“The Roush-Yates name brings a lot of credibility to these events,” Earwood said, “plus, having the Roush Yates Performance Products trailer and staff on hand will be a tremendous service to our racers.” “They are dedicated to being the industry’s best manufacturer and distributor of performance and specialty products,” Earwood said.

The Civil War Series has been a staple at Rockingham Dragway for many years combining man and machine where local Carolina racers compete on a national level against other drag racers from all over the US on one of the Southeast’s oldest drag strips.

“Rockingham Dragway is one of the sport’s most historic tracks in drag racing with a rich 45 year history, “ stated Jeff Clark, VP of Sales at Roush Yates. “We are honored to support the drag racing community. It will be a great weekend to bring out the family, watch competitive racing and enjoy a car show.”

Located in Mooresville, NC this world class facility has a wide variety of new and used racing products for all levels of motorsports from grassroots racers to NASCAR performance. In addition, Roush Yates Performance Products also provides street and performance parts for your daily driver all the way to hot rod fanatics and everything in-between. To get the most out of your vehicle there is a chassis dyno and installation center on site. Customers can find out more information and shop 24/7 on our extensive online catalog by visiting www.roushyatesparts.com.

The Civil Wars series caters to the sportsman racer with champions crowned in ATI Performance Products Pro Tree Doorslammer, Soles Auto Service Footbrake and Gibbs Racing Outlaw 4.70 and 5.30 classes plus Open Comp, 6.0 and 7.0 Index categories and, for the first time, Pro Tree Jr. Dragster.

Both races also award Pro Tree Doorslammer Association Series points. 
Rockingham Dragway owner Steve Earwood confirmed Monday that he has signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with ATI Performance Products that includes prominent signage at the sandhills-area track which opens for the first time in the new year on Feb. 14.

ATI Performance Product’s signage will be prominent on the walkover bridge that spans the staging lanes as well as on the starting line guard-walls. In addition, ATI will sponsor the Pro Tree Doorslammers class and both of the Civil Wars events hosted by the track, the first on May 1-3 and the second Oct. 30-Nov. 1.
“Rockingham Dragway’s support of grassroots racing, from the weekly bracket program to the Civil Wars events, gives our customers a place to develop their skills and their race cars,” said ATI’s COO, J.C. Beattie Jr. “We’re pleased to be able to lend our support.”

“ATI has always tested its transmissions, torque converters and driveline components under the toughest conditions,” Earwood said, “and that’s in competition. We welcome their continued support and we know that our racers will support them in return, as they always have.”

Track owner Steve Earwood and Dieffenbach GM Super Store General Manager Jeff Dieffenbach have confirmed that the Rockingham General Motors dealership has renewed its sponsorship of the Classic Rock Super Chevy Show presented by Richmond County Tourism, which returns to Rockingham Dragway Oct. 9-11.

The sport’s largest all-Chevy event, the Dieffenbach GM Superstore Super Chevy Show will feature bowtie action both on and off the track with a car show, swap meet and Chevrolet product displays along with a full slate of drag races.

The Dieffenbach GM Superstore, located at 1209 E. Broad Avenue in Rockingham, is a one-stop source for everything branded with the Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Buick logos as well as for service on all makes and models. Dieffenbach technicians are trained and equipped to handle everything from oil changes to tire rotations to brakes, batteries and multi-point vehicle inspections.

“The Dieffenbach GM Superstore is where you can get one of those Camaro 2LT coupes with the 6.2 liter V8,” Earwood said. “That’s one fast hot rod and you can bring it out to The Rock and shake it down whenever you want and maybe even bring it to the big race in the fall. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Jeff Dieffenbach and his crew at the dealership”.
"THE ROCK"  Always Action Packed and Extremely Fast For All Race Cars & Bikes!!