R/C DRAGS RESULTS : 5th Annual IMDRA Eastern Nationals
Tony Rudis (crew chief) Frankie Martorelli Jr. (driver) Frank Martorelli Sr
Cars for Best Appearing award Show
Two Quarter Scale drag cars!

79 entries from 13 states took part in 10
classes as part of the 5th Annual IMDRA
Eastern Nationals the second week of June.
Five new national IMDRA records were set proving not just the weather was hot.

New Records...
Kevin Stine Electric Pro Stock
New ET Record of 1.54 sec

New Mph Record of 89.7 mph
Brent Davis Nitro FC/PM
New Mph Record of 84.1 mph

Dominque Thorpe Nitro FC/PM
New ET Record of 1.587 sec

Frankie Martorelli Jr. Extreme
New ET Record of 1.120 sec.
(also fastest r/c drag pass in the world)

Class Winners

Winner Elgie Mcqueen
R/U Jim Schauer
B Side Kevin Dickerson
TQ Richard Pascale

2.0 Index
Winner Blair Kitrell
R/U Richard Pascale
TQ James Fife

Electric P/S
Winner Greg Bently
R/U Cory Mcelveen
TQ Kevin Stine

Nitro P/S
Winner Frank Martorelli
R/U Wayne Prince
B Side Kurt Gawne
TQ Brandon Preston

Electric PM/FC
Winner Stan Harrington
R/U Greg Bently
B Side Steve Saiko
TQ Dan Heddleson

Nitro PM/FC
Winner Mel Alston
R/U Kurt Gawne
B Side Ivan Cathey
TQ Dominique Thorpe

Electric T/F
Winner Stan Harrington
R/U Bryant Ruff
B Side Kurt Gawne
TQ Jim Schauer

Nitro T/F
Winner Ken Lupi
R/U Kevin Dickerson
B Side Ed Stern
TQ Ken Lupi


Winner Jesse Brigman
R/U Frank Martorelli jr
TQ Frank Martorelli jr

Quarter Scale
Winner Hank Cork
R/U Ross West
B Side Kurt Gawne
TQ Ray Perez