Rick Laws of Millers Creek won the Valley Auto World VWs at The Rock Sportsman category
Sunday and also took top honors in the winner’s bonus race, featuring winners of all three drag racing classes.
Driving a 1970 Karmann Ghia, Laws wasn’t the fastest competitor but the most consistent,
winning his class over Brandon Miller of Salisbury in the Sportsman final. Laws ran an 11.886 elapsed time at 56.31 mph when Miller left the starting line too soon and redlighted.  Trey Sikes of Cordovan and Gabriel Mann of Lawrenceville, Ga. were the semi finalists.
Mike Gagnier of Troutman won Super Pro over Corbett Marshburn with a time of 7.068; 94.97
mph on a dial in of 6.98 to Marshburn’s losing 6.984, 99.91 mph on a 6.92 targeted time.

Steve Martinez of Wilmington won Pro over Tony Miller of Rockwell, 7.618 seconds on a 7.58 dial
to Miller’s 7.702 time on a 7.64 dial in.  Trey Sikes was the sole semi finalist.

Laws easily defeated Gagnier in the winner’s bonus round when Gagnier’s VW rail spun and then missed third gear.

Hansel Jones’   Fayetteville based 1973 VW Beetle won the Valley Auto World “Best of Show” in
the all VW car show.

Rick Laws : Sportsman Class plus Bonus Race Event Winner!

Mike Gagnier : Super Pro Class Race Event Winner!

Steve Martinez : Pro Class Race Event Winner!

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