The old adage “he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword” could applied to the determination of the Top Eliminator
Champion Saturday in the 17th annual Mopars at the Rock drag race and car show at Rockingham Dragway.

The starting line skills that served Stanley’s Billy Varner III so well
in the early rounds of the all-Chrysler event, betrayed him in the
final where he was guilty of a foul start that handed the title to Eagle Springs’ veteran Barry Nall.
Varney had forced his dad, Billy Varner Jr., into a breakout foul in the quarter finals with a .015 of a second reaction time and had done the same to Fayetteville’s Tim Davis in the semis when he had a .016. However, in the final, he was .028 of a second too quick in reacting to the green.

Other winners among the more than 150 Mopar enthusiasts were Sanford’s Tom Deremer, who won in the Footbrake class; Al Horton of Kernersville in the Trophy class; and Monroe’s Josh Carpenter in the Neon class.

In the all-Mopar car and truck show, Bryan Petor of Fayetteville won the Editor’s Choice Award in his 2009 Challenger, Mike Biggers of Monroe won the Best Truck Award in his 2001 3500 Series Dodge and Tom Van Dyke Harper Ferrys, West Virginia won the top Best of Show Award in his 1971 Dodge Demon. Over 120 show cars entered the car show event.

Results from the 21st annual Mopars at the Rock, all-Chrysler drag race and car show at Rockingham Dragway:

Round 4 – Billy Varner III, Stanley, .015, 4.945 on a 4.960,137.69 mph, def. Billy
Varner Jr., Stanley, .017, 4.894 breakout on a 4.910, 137.01 mph; Brett Miles, Red Springs, 1972 Dodge Dart, .032, 7.246 on a 7.220, 94.20 mph, def. Travis Varney, Stanley, foul; Barry Nall, Eagle Springs, 1968 Plymouth, .057, 7.205 on a 7.190, 93.13 mph, def. Johnny Pennington, Lexington, S.C., 1970 Dodge Dart, foul; Tim Davis, Fayetteville, bye.
Semifinals – Varney III, .016, 4.919 on a 4.920, 137.93 mph, def. Davis, .019, 7.783 breakout on a 7.810, 85.70 mph; Nall, .039, 7.245 on a 7.200, 87.48 mph, def. Miles, .181, 7.302 on a 7.230, 88.70 mph.
FINAL – Barry Nall, Eagle Springs, 1968 Plymouth, .007, 7.197 on a 7.200, 93.25 mph, def. Billy Varner III, Stanley, foul.

Round 4 – Art Laselle, Fayetteville, 1979 Plymouth Volare, .063, 7.737 on a 7.720, 87.10 mph, def. Ronnie Rhoades, Millers Creek, 1972 Plymouth Duster, foul; Kevin Locklear, Sanford, 1971 Dodge Demon, .051, 6.219 on
a 6.190, 106.70 mph, def. David Horton, Belews Creek, 1973 Plymouth Scamp, .076, 6.323 on a 6.290, 108.16 mph; Tom Deremer, Sanford, 1970 Plymouth Duster, .010, 6.473 on a 6.420, 104.82 mph, def. Bobby York, Pleasant Gardne, 1973 Plymouth Barracuda, foul; Peter Mitchell, NA, 2008 Dodge Challenger, .255, 7.014 on a 6.360, 72.58 mph, def. Scott Cheek, Greensboro, foul.
Semifinals – Mitchell, .007, 6.408 on a 6.360, 109.18 mph, def. Laselle, foul; Deremer, .101, 6.467 on a 6.470, 105.55 mph, def. Locklear, foul.
FINAL – Tom Deremer, Sanford, 1970 Plymouth Duster, .015, 6.473 on a 6.460, 104.72 mph, def. Peter Mitchell, NA, 2008 Dodge Challenger, .015, 6.685 on a 6.390, 107.15 mph.

Round 3 – Jason Thompson, Jacksonville, 2002 Dodge Dakota, .11.585 on an 11.100, 120.38 mph, def. James Lowe, Colfax, 1969 Dodge, foul; Terry Honeycutt, Roseboro, Dodge Challenge, .083, 12.457 on a 12.350, 96.38 mph, def. Darien Murphy, Wallace, 1993 Dodge Shadow, .163, 14.676 on a 14.530, 89.99 mph; Al Horton, Kernersville, 1967 Dodge, bye.
Semifinals – Honeycutt, .096, 12.385 on a 12.350, 100.25 mph, def. Thompson, .176, 11.336 on an 11.330, 124.52 mph; Horton, bye.
FINAL – Al Horton, Kernersville, 1967 Dodge, .125, 12.220 on a 12.210, 105.86 mph, def. Terry Honeycutt, Roseboro, Dodge Challenger, foul.

Best of Show – Tom Van Dyke, Harper’s Ferry West Virginia, 1971 Dodge Demon.
Best Truck – Mike Biggers, Monroe, Dodge 3500 Series.
Editor’s Choice – Bryan Petro, Fayetteville, 2009 Challenger.
A-Body Stock – 1st Place, Allen Driver, Elm City, 1968 Plymouth Baracuda; 2nd Place, Ricky Dinkler, Sanford, 1967 Dodge Charger.
A-Body Modified – 1st Place, Tom Van Dyke, Harper’s Ferry W.Va.; 2nd Place Michael Ciraco, Murrells Inlet, S.C., 1970 Plymouth Duster.
B-Body Stock – 1st Place, Osborne Clark, Greenville, 1967 Plymouth GTX; 2nd Place Leonard Deal, Kannapllis, 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.
B-Body Modified – 1st Place, Mike Kitner, Rockingham, 1962 Plymouth Savoy; 2nd Place Ronnie Hudson, Gibson, 1967 Plymouth Belvedere II.
E-Body Stock – Scott McKendry, Raleigh, 1970 Dodge Challenger, 2nd Place, Claude Thornhill, China Grove, 1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible.
E-Body Modified – 1st Place, David Price, Fayetteville, 1974 Dodge Challenger; 2nd Place, Matthew Graham, Darlington, S.C., 1973 Dodge Challenger.
LX Body – 1st Place, Louis Collier, Spring Lake, 2008 Dodge Charger; 2nd Place, Tom Reynolds, Prosperity, S.C., 2009 Dodge Charger.
LC Body Stock – 1st Place, John Bullock, Fairmont, 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT; 2nd Place, Chris Pulley, Indian
Trial, 2010 Dodge Challenger.
LC Body Modified – 1st Place, Melody Powell, Cary, 2010 Dodge Challenger; 2nd Place, Sean Powell, Cary, 2011 Dodge Challenger.
Dodge Viper – 1st Place Alan Crews, Deanville, Va., 1997 Viper GTS; 2nd Place, Arthur Davis, Max Meadows, Va., 1997 Viper GTS.
Jeep -- 1st Place Jason Flamer, Mooreville, 2007 Grand Cherokee SRT8.
Dodge Ram – 1st Place, Mike Biggers, Monroe, Dodge 3500 Series; 2nd Place, Douglas Trom, Eden, 2003 Dodge.
Dodge Dakota/Durango – 1st Place, John Whitley, China Grove, 2000 Dodge Dakota; 2nd Place, Joey Johns, Charlotte, Dodge Dakota R/T.
Special Interest – 1st Place, Chad Pulliam, Hope Mills, 1969 Dodge Charger; 2nd Place, Samuel Lilly, Smithfield,
2004 Dodge Neon.
Non Mopar/Custom – Gary Elmadolar, Autryville, 2006 Mustang.