Joey Gladstone experienced both the agony and the ecstasy of Orient Express Pro Street motorcycle racing during Sunday’s FBR Shop Spring Bike Nationals at Rockingham Dragway.

The Townsend, Del., pro set a MIRock Mickey Thompson Performance Tires Superbike Series speed record of 212.33 miles per hour during qualifying and, after No. 1 qualifier Rodney Williford was upset in the semifinals, it appeared that Gladstone would waltz to his third MIRock win, especially since he was unopposed in the other semifinal.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. On his bye run, the veteran suffered a broken camshaft and was forced to just stand and watch Doug Gall of Loveland, Ohio, single for the victory in the Orient Express Pro Street class.

Williford, the reigning and four-time series champion, was surprised in the semifinals when his bike slowed to 7.876 while Gall sped to his first final in 7.298 seconds.

Other winners in the first of nine races in the 2013 series were Jeremy Teasley of Columbus, Ohio, who used his starting line skills to claim yet another DME Real Street victory; brother Cameron Teasley of Orient, Ohio, who won in the Crazy 8s class; and Andy Baumbach of Fairfax Station, Va., who prevailed in the FBR Shop 5.60 index category.

Terry Singleton of Clarkston, Ga., and Michael Herman Sr. of Fredericksburg, Va., were the Nitrous Express Pro ET winners; and Michael Herman Jr. of Woodbridge, Va., and Ben Knight of Beavercreek, Ohio, the winners in Brock’s Performance Street ET. Jerry Turner of Bluff City, Tenn., won the Trac King Top Sportsman crown and Kenny Cornell of Manassas, Va., was the winner of the inaugural race in the Louis Concrete 4.60 Index class.

Teasley, the reigning series champion in Real Street, won for the category for the seventh time at The Rock and, en route, recorded the quickest time in the history of the class at 7.704 seconds. But it wasn’t easy. In the final, in fact, it took a .040 of a second starting line advantage to make his 7.888 a winner over Chris Moore’s quicker 7.867.

Although he didn’t win an individual title, Michael Rankin of Staunton, Va., walked away with the $500 Nitrous Express bonus for winning the most rounds during the weekend.

Results from Sunday’s FRB Shop Spring Bike Open at Rockingham Dragway, first event in the 2013 Mickey Thompson Performance Tires MIRock Superbike Series:

Qualifying – 1. Rodney Williford, Rougemont, N.C., 6.998, 206.61 mph; 2 Joey Gladstone, Townsend, Del., 7.000, 212.33 mph; 3. Doug Gall, Loveland, Ohio, 7.230, 195.48 mph; 4. Terence Angele, Aruba, 7.274, 199.20 mph; 5. Carl Lucas, Wilson, N.C., 7.362, 199.64 mph; 6. David Martin, Roanoke, Va., 7.386, 183.57 mph; 7. Greg Wallace, Timberland, N.C., 7.529, 185.49 mph; 8. Eric Hart II, Teaneck, N.J., 7.561, 175.27 mph.
Round 1 – Rodney Williford, Rougemont, N.C., 8.081, 205.41 mph, bye; David Martin, Roanoke, Va., 8.817, 143.69 mph, def. Greg Wallace, Timberlake, N.C., 15.280, 62.23 mph; Terence Angela, Aruba, 7.275, 202.09 mph, def. Curtis Ellerbe, Temple Hills, Md., 7.803, 186.77 mph; Doug Gall, Loveland, Ohio, 8.233, 143.17 mph, def. John Carter, Blythewood, S.C., no time; Joey Gladstone, Townsend, Del., 6.956, 214.89 mph, def. Jeremy Teasley, Columbus, Ohio, no time; Carl Lucas, Wilson, N.C., 7.892, 200.56 mph, def. Eric Hart II, Teaneck, N.J., 8.192, 173.70 mph.
Round 2 – Williford, 7.192, 209.43 mph, def. Martin, 7.34, 183.87 mph; Gladstone, 7.031, 208.84 mph, def. Lucas, 9.598, 100.78 mph; Gall, 7.548, 149.08 mph, def. Angela, foul.
Semifinals – Gall, 7.298, 198.67 mph, def. Williford, 7.876, 202.27 mph; Gladstone, no time, broke.
FINAL – Doug Gall, Loveland, Ohio, 7.998, 191.84 mph, def. Gladsone, no show.

Qualifying – 1. Jeremy Teasley, Columbus, Ohio, 7.704, 186.15 mph; 2. Johnny Dobrin, Sarasota, Fla., 7.816, 188.94 mph; 3. David Merks, North Augusta, S.C., 7.873, 184.35 mph; 4. Julian Vigay, Valdosta, Ga., 7.912, 185.15 mph; 5. Chris Moors, Taylors, S.C., 7.920, 185.05 mph; 6. “Super Dave” Stewart, Mooresville, N.C., 7.939, 180.84 mph; 7. Ashton Dickerson, Newark, N.J. 8.008, 173.01 mph; 8. Rickey Gadson, Hammonton, N.J., 8.023, 182.80 mph.
Round 1 – David Merks, North Augusta, S.C., 7.986, 185.33 mph, def. Mark Billiter, North Augusta, S.C., 8.174, 176.74 mph; Chris Moore, Taylors, S.C., 7.959, 183.72 mph, def. Rickey Gadson, Hammonton, N.J., 8.077, 176.14 mph; Anibal Merced, Concord, N.C., 8.302, 169.85 mph, def. Johnny Dobrin, Sarasota, Fla., foul; Cameron Teasley, Orient, Ohio, 7.994, 174.62 mph, def. Julian Vigay, Valdosta, Ga., 8.687, 125.97 mph; Jeremy Teasley, Columbus, Ohio, 7.825, 177.60 mph, def. Lee Shierts, Charotte, N.C., 8.258, 177.56 mph; Ashton Dickerson, Newark, N.J., 7.974, 175.84 mph, def. “Super Dave” Stewart, Mooresville, N.C., 7.932, 181.15 mph.
Round 2 – Moore, 8.022, 182.38 mph, def. Merced, 8.324, 169.47 mph; Merks, 7.937, 175.55 mph, def. C. Teasley, no time; J. Teasley, 13.778, 85.03 mph, def. Dickerson, no time.
Semifinals – Moore, 7.963, 180.86 mph, def. Merks, 7.952, 184.22 mph; J. Teasley, 7.775, 184.62, bye.
FINAL – Jeremy Teasley, Columbus, Ohio, 7.888, 192.38 mph, def. Chris Moore, Taylors, S.C., 7.867, 187.91 mph.

Round 3 – Cameron Teasley, Orient, Ohio, 8.912, 147.65 mph, def. Shayne Proctor, Indian Head, Md., 8.829 breakout, 148.38 mph; Jeremy Teasley, Columbus, Ohio, 9.000, 138.71 mph, def. Travis Boudreaux, Harrisburg, N.C., 9.033, 135.02 mph;
Barry Pryer Sr., Chesapeake, Va., 8.966, 149.55 mph, def. Lonnie Corley, Sanford, N.C., 8.971, 141.34 mph.
Semifinals – Pryer, 8.886, 148.97 mph, def. J. Teasley, 8.975, 132.49 mph; C. Teasley, bye.
FINAL – Cameron Teasley, Orient, Ohio, 8.950, 136.91 mph, def. Barry Pryer Sr., Chesapeake, Va., 8.918, 152.04 mph.

Round 3 – Marion Ford, Hampstead, Md., 5.738, 102.09 mph, def. Michael Herman Jr., Woodbridge, Va., 6.612, 111.48 mph; Michael Pendergraft, Salisbury, 6.013, 88.87 mph, def. Robert Parker, Sanford, Fla., 9.594, 60.83 mph; Ben Knight, Beavercreek, Ohio, 5.582, 129.43 mph, def. Rickey Gadson, Hammonton, N.J., 5.577 breakout, 128.03 mph; Andy Baumbach, Fairfax Station, Va., bye.
Semifinals – Baumbach, 5.553, 129.67 mph, def. Pendergraft, 5.462 breakout, 115.26 mph; Knight, 5.657, 130.00 mph, def. Ford, 5.583 breakout, 115.39 mph.
FINAL – Andy Baumbach, Fairfax Station, Va., 5.577, 129.11 mph, def. Ben Knight, Beavercreek, Ohio, foul.

Round 6 – Stanley Russell, Gray, Ga., bye; Michael Rankin, Staunton, Va., 8.598 on an 8.610, 152.97 mph, def. Marcus Miles Bennettsville, S.C., foul; Terry Singleton, Clarkston, Ga., 9.091 on a 9.070, 144.78 mph, def. Jerry Turner, Bluff City, Tenn., 8.859 breakout on an 8.890, 144.69 mph.
Semifinals – Singleton, bye; Rankin, 8.594 on an 8.590, 144.33 mph, def. Russell, 10.049 breakout on a 10.060, 128.22 mph.
FINAL – Terry Singleton, Clarkston, Ga., 9.072 on a 9.050, 144.94 mph, def. Michael Rankin, Staunton, Va., 8.593 on an 8.570, 151.94 mph.

Round 5 – Travis Davis, Trenton, S.C., 9.615 on a 9.600, 134.59 mph, def. Dustin Lee, Morristown, Tenn., 9.414 on a 9.380, 134.12 mph; Randy Day, Anderson, S.C., 9.021 on an 8.950, 146.72 mph, def. Chase Sandefur, Mooresville, N.C., 9.364 on a 9.290, 137.46 mph; Michael Herman Jr., Woodbridge, Va., 9.458 on a 9.450, 133.80 mph, def. Roger Means, Spartanburg, S.C., 9.353 on a 9.230, 145.45 mph; Stanley Russell, Gray, Ga., 10.087 on a 10.060, 123.59 mph, def. Glenn Glass, Manassas, Va., 10.632 on a 10.600, 122.97 mph.
Semifinals – Russell, 10.070 on a 10.060, 131.86 mph, def. Day, 9.424 on a 9.000, 145.78 mph; Herman, 9.488 on a 9.410, 130.87 mph, def. Davis, 9.706 on a 9.600, 132.83 mph.
FINAL – Michael Herman Jr., Woodbridge, Va., 9.399 on a 9.410, 130.87 mph, def. Stanley Russell, Gray, Ga., 9.980 breakout on a 10.050, 134.14 mph.

Round 1 – Jay Beasley, Winston-Salem, N.C., 4.820, 147.39 mph, def. Harvey Hubbard, Sedley, Va., no time; Schubby Clayton, Roanoke, Va., 4.924, 150.28 mph, def. Ronnie Smith, Pasadena, Md, no time; Kenny Cornell, Manassas, Va., bye.
Semifinals – Cornell, 4.809, 131.04 mph, def. Beasley, 8.573, 49.68 mph; Claytor, bye.
FINAL – Kenny Cornell, Manassas, Va., 4.770, 130.20 mph, def. Schubby Claytor, Roanoke, Va., 5.173, 144.60 mph.

Round 3 – Jerry Turner, Bluff City, Tenn., 8.886 on an 8.820, 145.75 mph, def. Steve Shriver, Glen Burnie, Md., 8.157 on an 8.080, 151.04 mph; Andy Baumbach, 8.065 on an 8.050, 151.60 mph, def. Julie Lucas, Fredericksburg, Va., 7.946 breakout on a 7.960, 154.90 mph; Brian Canoles, Berkeley Springs, West Va., 8.522 on an 8.440, 134.42 mph, def. Melvin Armel, Bunker Hill, West Va.,16.796 on an 8.320, no speed; Boo Brown, Potomac Falls, Va., 8.066 on an 8.050, 154.83 mph, def. Michale Herman Jr., Woodbridge, Va., 8.894 breakout on an 8.900, 147.46 mph.
Semifinals – Turner, 8.846 on an 8.820, 139.59 mph, def. Canoles, 8.414 breakout on an 8.430,153.42 mph; Brown, 8.063 on an 8.050, 158.46 mph, def. Baumbach, foul.
FINAL – Jerry Turner, Bluff City, Tenn., 8.839 on an 8.820, 146.77 mph, def. Boo Brown, Potomac Falls, Va., 8.042 breakout on an 8.050, 149.33 mph.

Round 5 – Scottie Keller, Mooresville, N.C., 8.744 on an 8.730, 149.90 mph, def. Ben Knight, Beavercreek, Ohio, 9.267 breakout on a 9.280, 135.70 mph; Michael Herman Sr., Fredericksburg, Va., 9.007 on an 8.990, 142.99 mph, def. Willie Nichols, Newport, Va., 8.129 breakout on an 8.150, 164.43 mph; Alan Fields, Climax, N.C., 9.375 on a 9.320, 123.58 mph, def. Larry Hough, Monroe, N.C., 8.469 on a 8.420, 155.20 mph; Shawn Welch, Waynesboro, Ga., bye.
Semifinals – Herman, 8.978 on an 8.990, 146.88 mph, def. Welch, foul; Fields, 9.337 on a 9.310, 134.34 mph, def. Keller, 8.711 breakout on an 8.730, 151.09 mph.
FINAL – Michael Herman Sr., Fredericksburg, Va., 9.023 on an 8.990, 146.19 mph, def. Alan Fields, Climax, N.C., foul.

Round 5 – Michael Herman Sr., Fredericksburg, Va., 9.333 on an 8.990, 112.86 mph, def. Travis Davis, Trenton, S.C., 23.592 on a 13.000, 40.76 mph; Chase Sandefur, Mooresville, N.C., 9.449 on a 9.310, 128.04 mph, def. Wardell Pinkney, Hyattsvlle, Md., 9.775 on an 9.570, 124.41 mph; Ben Knight, Beavercreek, Ohio, 9.469 on a 9.260, 124.01 mph, def. Otis Wood, Claremont, N.C., 9.684 on a 9.490, 137.00 mph; Bob Carlson, Torrington, Conn., 22.949 on a 9.040, 48.99 mph, def. Michael Herman Jr., Woodbridge, Va., foul.
Semifinals – Sandefur, 9.447 on a 9.310, 136.84 mph, def. Carlson, 9.458 on a 9.040, 136.88 mph; Knight, 9.651 on a 9.260, 109.72 mph, def. Herman Sr., foul.
FINAL – Ben Knight, Beavercreek, Ohio, 9.252 on a 9.260, 139.85 mph, def. Chase Sandefur, Mooresville, N.C., 9.274 breakout on a 9.310, 142.72 mph.
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Perfect Rockingham Weather Fuels Record Runs

It may have taken a full month to deliver, but Mother Nature and Steve Earwood’s Rockingham Dragway track prep crew laid out a record setting buffet for Mickey Thompson MIRock Superbike Series racers to feast on in the rain-delayed opening round of the 2013 season. The April 19-21 FBR Shop Spring Bike Open also saw it’s fair share of drama and rising underdogs, as none of the pro class champs made it to the finals, let alone the winners circle.

Three-time Orient Express Pro Street champ Rodney Williford qualified number 1 with a 6.99 and seemed destined for a final round showdown with rival Joey Gladstone of DME Racing. But Williford—who’s trying mightily to be the first Pro Street bike in the 6.80s—wheelied wildly on his turbocharged, purple “Nitrous Bike Eater” Suzuki Hayabusa and was unable to chase down Doug Gall in the other lane.

That seemed to open the door for Gladstone to gain some valuable, early season points on Williford. Gladstone was on a MPH record-setting tear, hitting 212.33 in qualifying and a whopping 214.89 on raceday. He had a bye to the final and needed only to start his motorcycle and take the tree under power…easy, right? Not so much. Try as they might, the DME crew could not get the black and blue ‘Busa fired.

That handed the win to the unheralded, number 3 qualifier Gall. Through breakage, redlights, and Williford’s struggles, Gall was the last man standing, and standing right smack in the winners circle. The Ohio racer is hitting the entire MIRock Series this season and plans to collect more victory hardware.

DME Real Street champ Johnny “Turbo” Dobrin wasn’t even as fortunate as Williford. A see-saw qualifying battle with Jeremy Teasley saw former champ Teasley pip his rival Dobrin with a way-quicker-than-the-record 7.705. No problem, raceday is another day, right? It turned out the highlight of Dobrin’s race weekend was behind him as he launched his Exoticycle turbo ‘Busa way early in round 1. “I don’t know why I did that,” Johnny Turbo said about his redlight foul start. “I’d been having terrible lights all weekend, maybe that was on my mind.” The early out meant more anniversary time for Dobrin and his wife Charisse.

Teasley raced his way to the final, where he faced RS Motorsports teammate Chris Moore in an all-nitrous, Kawasaki ZX14 final. Teasley’s .040 starting line advantage would prove key in this race, as Moore’s quicker 7.86 was unable to drive around Jeremy’s 7.88.

Teasley spent a good chunk of time over the weekend setting an unofficial record that has set the motorcycle drag racing community on fire. Over the winter, a group of competitors (including Teasley) started an online smack talking campaign about who would be the first to run an 8.60something on a foot-shift, stock wheelbase, stock motor, no weight added, no MSD SB6-equipped, Kawasaki ZX14R. With the bike entered in Crazy 8s and ET, Teasley chipped away at it on Saturday, running 8.702, then 8.701. Finally it came, an 8.69 followed by an 8.67. Sunday morning, though, is when Teasley really knocked it out of the park with an unbelievable 8.62.

Lest Jeremy be the only heralded member of the Teasley family, younger brother Cameron won his first ever Crazy 8’s race on the CarrCraft Racing Hayabusa. His .043 light gave him a big cushion over runner-up veteran Barry Pryer Sr. Cameron also ran his first ever 7 second pass this Saturday on his Real Street bike, making it a milestone weekend for the young Ohio racer.

Defending FBR Shop 5.60 champ “Fearsome” Andy Baumbach is the one MIRock champion who started off 2013 with a win, taking the final over Ben Knight on Baumbach’s 48th birthday. Not that it was an easy weekend for the Fairfax Station, Virginia plumbing magnate. Multi-class competitor Baumbach’s fleet of racebikes encountered some serious mechanical carnage for an unfortunate birthday present.

Although Knight—yet another Ohio-based racer—failed against Baumbach in 5.60, he prevailed against Mooresville’s Chase Sandefur in Sunday’s Brock’s Performance Street ET final. Virginian Michael Herman Jr. won the class over Stanley Russell on Saturday. Herman’s dad, obviously named Michael Herman Sr, won Nitrous Express Pro ET on Sunday over Alan Fields. Saturday’s Pro ET race saw the former perennial bridesmaid Terry “T-Bone” Singleton of Georgia don the big, white dress with his win over Mike Rankin, who himself scored the $500 Nitrous Express bonus for winning the most rounds over the whole weekend.

Kenny Cornell won the inaugural Louis Concrete 4.60 index class final over Shubby Claytor. Surprisingly, it was also the first win ever for Virginia veteran racer Cornell. Tennessee’s Jerry Turner won Trac King/APE Top Sportsman over defending class champion Boo Brown.

All of these competitors will have little time to prepare or repair their mounts for the next Mickey Thompson MIRock Superbike Series event, which happens this weekend, April 26-28, with the Fast By Gast Spring Nationals at Maryland International Raceway in Budd’s Creek, MD.


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