The Adams Performance Sportsman Summer Sizzler ran as a two-day race condensed into one under sunny skies at Steve Earwood’s Rockingham Dragway. With rain threatening for Sunday, Earwood called a racer’s meeting on Saturday and polled the group whether to squeeze it in or not. “That’s a real racer’s track, to ask us what we wanted to do,” noted Virginian Michael Rankin. And the vote was—let’s do it in a day.

So the Rockingham Dragway staff hit the nitrous button, shifted smoothly through the gears and accomplished two days work in one. The racers hustled to and from
trailers—cooling clutches, airing shifters, filling bottles, checking pressures and adding fuel in record time. The Mickey Thompson MIRock Superbike Series’ first-ever sportsmen-and-grudge-only event hustled along in a big way.

Few bikes hustle the first eighth mile like the Louis Concrete 4.60 machines, the quickest index bikes on the planet. And in the first year for the class, Kenny Cornell has already won twice. Number one qualifier Eran Pielert made it easy for Cornell this time around, redlighting in the final.

Multi-time MIRock pro class champion Jeremy Teasley won 4.60 last time out at MIR. This time around he went out early with a nitrous problem on a bike borrowed from his brother Brandon. But lest the Teasley name be sullied, dad James “Crow” Teasley Jr. took FBR Shop 5.60 on an ‘80s Kawasaki that’s been doing the family right for a long time. Teasley beat Ben Knight in the final after Knight took out number one qualifier Robert Parker in the semi.

No-bar specialist Knight was on a 5.60 bike borrowed from Dustin Lee, an old school Kawasaki wheelie-bar bike no less. Knight had made only one wheelie bar pass in his life before this weekend, but seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. Still, his comfort level in familiar territory revealed itself as he won Nitrous Express Pro ET race 2 on his ’04 no-bar Suzuki Hayabusa over Bob Carlson in the final.

But don’t feel sorry for Carlson. He made the long drive from Connecticut pay off with his first ever MIRock Crazy 8s win over class champion Shayne Proctor. An all-Kawasaki ZX14 final, Proctor took the tree but Carlson took the stripe. “I had a blast,” said Carlson. “Over 40 runs—it's all a blur!”

April Rockingham winner Jerry Turner seems to have found a home at the venerable facility in North Carolina’s Sand Hills, winning Nitrous Express Pro ET this time around. Turner beat #1 qualifier Brian “Cannoli” Canoles in the final.

Brock’s Performance Street ET champ Boo Brown will have a chance to defend his title at The Rock in November, winning Race 1 with an .014 light against Michael Herman Jr. in the final. Tennessee racer Lee—the guy who loaned his KZ dragbike to Knight—won Race 2 with an even better .010 against fellow finalist Langdon Cheves. Lee accomplished that on a ZX14, borrowed from Turner! ‘Twas an incestuous winners circle indeed.

And remember Rankin, from the beginning of this report? He rode his Suzuki GSXR1000 to the Trac King/APE Top Sportsman final, where he faced Mooresville racer Scottie Keller. Rankin took .010 from Keller at the tree, but Keller took the win.

Afterdark Underground featured a stellar race between Jeremy Teasley on the Adams Performance-built “1 Bad Apple” and rider Dust on the “Sam Cooke” ‘Busa. Teasley had the starting line advantage, but Dust drove around for the win—three layers of a cake on the line. “Where we were conservative (on the tune-up), they were aggressive,” reported Teasley. “He drove around me mid-track, but I was pulling back up on him at the end.”

The difference was half a bike length. “We misjudged the track and didn’t put enough to it,” said builder-tuner-race sponsor Coby Adams. “Let’s put bigger jets in it and rerun it.”

A great plan indeed, but Father Time and a precisely-at-midnight rain shower put the kibosh on any further racing on this particular evening. But the Mickey Thompson MIRock Superbike Series reconvenes for the biggest motorcycle drag racing, bike club culture and bikini show event of the year—the WPGC Bike Fest at Maryland International Raceway on July 19-21.

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Kenny Cornell of Manassas, Va., won the featured Louis Concrete 4.60 Index championship Saturday in a history-making MIRock Superbike Series event at Steve Earwood’s Rockingham Dragway.

The Adams Performance Summer Sizzler not only was the first all-sportsman race in the history of the popular independent motorcycle series, it also was the first to be contested in a single day. Confronted by weather issues, racers and officials elected to adopt an up-tempo pace that compacted two days of competition into only one.

“I want to thank all our MIRock racers,” Earwood said. “We explained the situation to them and thanks to their cooperation, we were able to complete the Adams Summer Sizzler, in its entirety, qualifying and racing, in a single day. I wouldn’t want to do it every week, but it was a pretty amazing effort from everyone involved.”

The event winners represented five different states and included James Teasley of Orient, Ohio, father of many-time MIRock Series champion Jeremy, who prevailed in the FBR Shop 5.60 Index class.

He was joined in the winners’ circle by Scottie Keller of Mooresville, N.C., in Trac King Top Sportsman, Bob Carlson of Torrington, Conn., in Crazy 8s, Jerry Turner of Bluff City, Tenn., in Nitrous Express Pro ET, MIRock veteran Boo Brown of Potomac Falls, Va., in Brock’s Performance Street ET and Ben Knight of Beavercreek, Ohio, in Pro ET #2.

Teasley prevented Knight from doubling-up by stopping him in the 5.60 final. Knight, in turn, kept Carlson from doubling up by beating him in the Pro ET #2 final. Brown won his title at the starting line where his .039 of a second reaction time advantage overcame Michael Herman Jr.’s .023 track advantage in the closest final round of the day.

The Rock’s next MIRock Series event will be the Dragbikelive.com Sportsman Spectacular, Aug. 9-11.

Results from the Adams Performance Summer Sizzler MIRock Superbike Series Sportsman Spectacular at Rockingham Dragway:


Qualifying – 1. Eran Pielert, Halethorde, Md., Suzuki Hayabusa, 4.629; 2. Kenny Cornell, Manassas, Va., Kawasaki, 4.692; 3. Ronnie Smith, Pasadena, Md., Suzuki, 4.705; 4. Juan Santos, Charlotte, Hayabusa, 4.838; 5. Jeremy Teasley, Columbus, Ohio, Hayabusa, 4.878; 6. Schubert Claytor, Roanoke, Va., Suzuki, 4.922; 7. Jay Beasley, Winston-Salem, N.C., 5.012; 8. Barry Harvey, Winson-Salem, N.C., 7.558.

Round 1 – Juan Santos, Charlotte, 4.912, 146.75 mph, def. Jeremy Teasley, Columbus, Ohio, 4.916, 134.46 mph; Kenny Cornell, Manassas, Va., 4.729, 142.06 mph, def. Jay Beasley, Winston-Salem, N.C., no time; Ronnie Smith, Pasadena, Md., 4.820, 115.10 mph, def. Schubert Clayton, Winston-Salem, N.C., 5.575, 114.75 mph; Eran Pielert, Halethorde, Md., no time, def. Barry Harvey, Winston-Salem, N.C., no time.

Semifinals – Cornell, 4.661, 149.61 mph, def. Smith, 4.558 breakout, 148.40 mph; Pielert, 4.682, 137.41 mph, def. Santos, 4.905, 150.36 mph.

FINAL – Kenny Cornell, Manassas, Va., 4.655, 150.10 mph, def. Era Pielert, Halethorde, Md., foul.


Round 2 – Tyler Hall, Albemarle, N.C., 5.665, 120.25 mph, def. Marion Ford, Hampstead, Md., 5.699, 124.95 mph; Ben Knight, Beavercreek, Ohio, 5.641, 109.88 mph, def. Jim Shifflett, Waynesboro, Va., 5.584 breakout, 120.60 mph; Robert Parker, Sanford, N.C., 5.679, 119.36 mph, def. Willie B. Jones, Louisburg, N.C., 5.650, 120.84 mph; James Teasley, Orient, Ohio, 5.599, 119.39 mph, def. Curtis Grubbs Jr., Monre, N.C., 5.568 breakout, 119.61 mph.

Semifinals – Teasley, 5.635, 122.77 mph, def. Hall, no time; Knight, 5.786, 95.45 mph, def. Parker, 5.858, 126.01 mph.

FINAL – James Teasley, Orient, Ohio, 5.725, 112.89 mph, def. Ben Knight, Beavercreek, Ohio, 5.835, 121.79 mph.


Round 3 – Scottie Keller, Mooresville, N.C., 8.952 on an 8.890, 148.69 mph, def. Joe Herman, Manassas, Va., 9.183 breakout on a 9.200, 144.12 mph; Dustin Lee, Morristown, Tenn., 9.611 on a 9.600, 133.95 mph, def. BayBay Yarbrough, Eatonton, Ga., 9.715 on a 9.700, 140.30 mph; Chase Sandefur, Mooresville, N.C., 9.600 on a 9.550, 131.55 mph; def. Alan Fields, Climax, N.C., 9.641 breakout on a 9.660, 135.16 mph; Michael Rankin, Staunton, Va., 8.881 on an 8.840, 137.53 mph, def. Randy Day, Anderson, S.C., 9.234 on a 9.160, 146.29 mph.

Semifinals – Rankin, 8.848 on an 8.830, 141.11 mph, def. Lee, 9.567 on a 9.530, 139.17 mph; Keller, 8.930 on an 8.930, 149.71 mph, def. Sandefur, foul.

FINAL – Scottie Keller, Mooresville, N.C., 8.985 on an 8.930 148.82 mph, def. Michael Rankin, Staunton, Va., 8.895 on an 8.830, 139.37 mph.


Round 2 – Bob Carlson, Turrington, Conn., 8.926, 145.55 mph, def. Scottie Keller, Mooresville, N.C., 8.956, 148.74 mph; Shayne Proctor, Indian Head, Md., 8.905, 149.55 mph, def. Jorden McDougald, Lillington, N.C., foul; Robert Parker, Sanford, N.C., 9.115, 127.07 mph, def. Jeremy Teasley, Columbus, Ohio, 11.154, 81.66 mph; James Teasley, Orient, Ohio, 8.981, 147.50 mph, def. Ashton Dickerson, Newark, N.J., 9.007, 145.67 mph.

Semifinals – Carlson, 8.912, 144.32 mph, def. James Teasley, 8.946, 146.10 mph; Proctor, 9.145, 141.52 mph, def. Parker, 9.318, 150.21 mph.

FINAL – Bob Carlson, Turrington, Conn., 9.008, 140.04 mph, def. Shayne Proctor, Indian Head, Md., 9.058, 152.12 mph.


Round 5 – Brian Canoles, Berkeley Springs, West Va., 8.546 on an 8.510, 150.92 mph, def. Willie Warren Jr., Hampton, Va., 9.356 on a 9.270, 138.88 mph; Mark Schwaln, New Ringgold, Pa., 8.489 on an 8.480, 150.92 mph, def. Terry Singleton, Clarkston, Ga., foul; Jerry Turner, Bluff City, Tenn., 9.112 on an 9.100, 145.59 mph, def. Don Rogers, Ashville, N.C., foul.

Semifinals – Turner, 9.121 on a 9.100, 140.50 mph, def. Schwaln, 8.547 on an 8.480, 140.44 mph; Canoles, bye.

FINAL – Jerry Turner, Bluff City, Tenn., 9.205 on an 9.100, 126.48 mph, def. Brian Canoles, Berkeley Springs, West Va., 9.124 on an 8.510, 136.81 mph.


Round 5 – Willie Warren Jr., Hampton, Va., 9.331 on a 9.300, 132.69 mph, def. Ben Knight, Beavercreek, Ohio, 9.495 on a 9.480, 130.51 mph; Boo Brown, Potomac Falls, Va., bye; Michael Herman Jr., Woodbridge, Va., 9.570 on a 9.510, 135.84 mph, def. Bob Carlson, Torrington, Conn., 9.320 on a 9.250, 143.81 mph.

Semifinals – Brown, 9.520 on a 9.400, 133.59 mph, def. Warren, 9.442 on a 9.300, 140.28 mph; Herman Jr., bye.

FINAL – Boo Brown, Potomac Falls, Va., 9.452 on a 9.400, 135.27 mph, def. Michael Herman Jr., Woodbridge, Va., 9.579 on a 9.550, 136.97 mph. (.014 o a 053)


Round 5 – Bob Carlson, Torrington, Conn., 9.263 on a 9.280, 147.70 mph, def. Jerry Turner, Bluff City, Tenn., 9.064 breakout on a 9.120, 146.48 mph; Ben Knight, Beavercreek, Ohio, 9.574 on a 9.530, 136.07 mph, def. Shayne Proctor, Indian Head, Md., 9.563 on a 9.490, 147.07 mph; Boo Brown, Potomac Falls, Va., 8.486 on an 8.250, 126.34 mph, def. Kelvin Bradley, Portsmouth, Va., 9.132 on an 8.900, 143.16 mph.

Semifinals – Carlson, 9.236 on an 9.280, 152.49 mph, def. Brown, foul; Knight, bye.

FINAL – Ben Knight, Beavercreek, Ohio, 9.514 on a 9.540, 135.35 mph, def. Bob Carlson, Torrington, Conn., 9.220 breakout on a 9.280, 142.78 mph.