We hear a lot about diversity these days and if you own a race track you know all-to-well what diversity means pertaining to keeping the bills paid. The days of spending $1,500 on radio and drawing spectators to a pro show are clearly over, as are the days when we could survive off of bracket races, test and tune days and a sanctioning body divisional race.

Rockingham Dragway probably has the most varied schedules in all of racing, as evidenced this past weekend as The Rock hosted the annual Smoke Out Bike Rally, a custom bike show, vendor midway (over 100 biker related vendors), music, stage show, mini bike road race and 50’s drag racing with no starting lights, times or win lights, or “any of that high-tech drag racing stuff”.
The 50’s drag racing technical portion of Smoke Out 15 was described as“the cutest girl in the shortest skirt waving a scarf and you’re off. Y’all can argue about who won”. Over 200 attendees took advantage of the opportunity to run down The Rock legendary quarter-mile.

Smoke Out 15 attracted over 15,000 custom bike fans and participants.