Rock Around and Find Out - Battle of the Bands

Registration Form Link:

Event Time: June 29th, 2024
expected event times Noon to Midnight

Event Address:
2153 US Hwy 1 North, Rockingham, NC 28379 (ROCKINGHAM DRAGWAY)

Contact us at (910) 582-3400 or

General information and rules:

Rock Around and Find Out will be limited to 10 Bands in total on event day

Determination of the ten competing bands will be solely conducted by the highest total of "LIKES" on the "REGISTERED BAND" photo posted by Rockingham Dragway in the Rock Around and Find Out Facebook event page of each registered band. All bands seeking participation must provide a photo of their band on this form or via email. The top ten bands with the highest total of Facebook photo "LIKES" on the Rock Around and Find Out Facebook event page at the deadline on June 15, 2024 will be selected for participation.
The voting deadline for qualification of bands seeking participation in Rock Around and Find Out will be on June 15, 2024 at 11:59 pm, at which point all posts will be tallied to determine the top ten bands with the highest total count of likes on their post. Any likes on the band posts after midnight on June 16, 2024 will not be included in the total like count for bands.

Upon determination of the ten competing bands, each will be contacted for final confirmation of participation. Once confirmed, all competing bands agree to share the Rock Around and Find Out Facebook event page at least 6 times between June 15th and June 28th, with at least two shares per week.
Winner of the cash prizes and the event are at the sole discretion of Rockingham Dragway and its designated judges
Cash prizes will be $5,000 for event winner and $1,000 for event runner up.

Fan favorite winner will be decided by fan votes during the show. Votes will be 1 to 1 value to donations given to each band. All bands will receive their donations at the end of the show with the highest collection being awarded the FAN FAVORITE AWARD.

Band show times are based on vote ranking of each band as of 11:59 PM June 15, 2024. BANDS WILL PLAY IN ORDER OF THE VOTING TALLY STARTING WITH NUMBER 10 IN TOTAL "LIKES"

All competitors will be provided with additional information detailing participation terms and conditions, including marketing and promotional strategies on social media, platforms to tag, and future performances at Rock Around and Find Out sponsors' venues.
Bands must have at least one member from North or South Carolina with a valid driver's license

Band performance set must be at least 20 minutes and will be limited to 30 minutes